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Qualitydoor.com is the distributor for all your Securitron access control hardware needs. Qualitydoor.com  provides a variety of Securitron products including Securitron M62, M670, and M680 Magna Lock Series. We highly recommend Securitron Magna Locks to institutions, commercial buildings, mixed-purpose buildings and any other industry where access control in required.

Securitron M680 Series provides a sleek aesthetic to any designer opening. Securitron M680 Series provides optimal coverage for detecting approaching people so the door unlocks for egress. The configuration of the passive infrared beam allows the detection area to be tailored to the environment surrounding the opening.

Securitron M62 Series has a 1200 lb. holding force. These Magna Locks are recommended for exterior and perimeter doors which require access control to prevent from any substantial economic loss.

Securitron M670 Series delivers unsurpassed style and with easy installation. The aesthetics of the M670 are refined enough for the most discriminating designer openings. The fastest, easiest, most secure installation of any bracket-mount maglock. Quality Door & Hardware offers the Securitron M670 Series in Satin Brown, Satin Black or a paintable primer grey finish.

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Qualitydoor.com Has the Norton 5845 Low Energy Operators You Need in stock ready to ship.

Qualitydoor.com stocks an assortment of Norton products such as the 8501 and 7500 Norton closers. But we now also stock the Norton 5845 ADAEZ Low Energy Operator. Norton 5845 ADAEZ is one of the world’s only regenerative power door operators. Norton 5845’s certifications, ANSI/BHMA A156.19 certified, certified by GreenCircle to reduce energy consumption by as much as 100 percent versus other competitive operators and ADA compliant, makes it the ideal door operator for commercial buildings, offices, medical centers, psychiatric centers, health facilities and other mixed-purpose facilities that require a handicap operating door. Norton 5845 ADAEZ has Regenerative Power System charges an onboard battery pack that eliminates the need to run electrical wire to the unit. When used in automatic mode 25% of the time or less, the 5845 ADAEZ will self-generate enough power to charge the battery pack for up to 12 years.

Quality Door & Hardware offers two models of the Norton 5845, the Norton ADAEZ 5845xNPB (Vertical Button) and the Norton ADAEZ 5845xSQPB (Square button), and both are available in two finishes: Aluminum and Black.

For more specifications and pricing of the Norton 5845 Low Energy Operators, please go to QualityDoor.com or contact our Hardware Experts at 1-800-992-3667. or contact sales@qualitydoor.com

For a video on installation of the Norton 54845 ADAEZ Series, click HERE.

Qualitydoor.com Stocks the Industry’s Most Durable Sargent Locks 10 line, 11 line and 7 line

Qualitydoor.com stocks an abundance of Sargent products, one of which being the Sargent 11 Line. The Sargent 11 Line’s unique T-Zone construction provides strength and reliability that easily exceeds ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 requirements for torque and cycle testing making it ideal for the most demanding applications. The design also simplifies facility maintenance by utilizing a single lock body for all functions. Sargent’s 11 Line series is ideal for high traffic doors, areas subject to severe abuse, schools, hospitals, other public buildings and retrofit applications. Sargent 11 Line locks have virtually no lever sag even after 8 million cycles as well. Flexible, durable, reliable: this lock can take whatever you give it.

Qualitydoor.com stocks the Sargent 11 Lin and 10 line  in the seamless Satin Chrome finish (US26D). Additionally, we stock them with a variety of cylinder, lever, and rose options.

For more specifications and pricing about the SARGENT® 11 Line, please go to QualityDoor.com or contact our Hardware Experts at 1-800-992-3667. or sales@qualitydoor.com

For a video on installing the Sargent 11 Line T-Zone Lock, click HERE.

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