Norton 8501 Door Closer: A Gold Standard


The Norton 8000 Series Door Closers offer the ideal combination of appearance, reliability and durability in today’s market. With features such as staked valves, precise valve adjustment and a complete range of arm and cover options, this closer can meet virtually any application challenge.

Closers for interior and exterior doors shall be full rack-and-pinion type with cast aluminum alloy shell. Closers shall be surface mounted and shall project no more than 2-1/8″ from the surface of the door with standard cover. Closers shall be non-handed to permit installation on doors of either hand. Closer fluid shall contain lubricity and anti-oxidation agents. Closer fluid shall maintain stable viscosity to allow door closer to perform in temperatures ranging from extremely high to as low as -40°F. Closers shall have multi-size spring power adjustment to permit setting of spring from size 1 through size 6. Closers shall have two non-critical valves, hex key adjusted, to independently regulate sweep speed and latch speed. Closers shall have adjustable backcheck intensity controlled by a hex key adjusted valve. [Closers shall have adjustable delayed action closing controlled by a hex key adjustable valve.] Regular arm and top jamb closers shall have a non-hold open shoe permitting 15% ( + or – 7-1/2% ) power adjustment. **Closers shall be enclosed in a [molded resin cover] [plated or sprayed metal cover], Closers to be Norton® [8301/8501] [8501M] [8501MA] [8501A]. **For special arms insert that specification here

**Unitrol® Arm
Door closers shall have a fixed door stop feature effective at one point selected  at installation, from 85° – 110° in five degree increments. Door stop shall be cushioned by a shock-absorbing heavy-duty spring action effective at the [soffit plate] [arm shoe] pivot. [Closers shall be provided for parallel arm installation using a rigid steel main arm and secondary arm lengths proportional to the door width.] [Closers shall be provided for top jamb installation using a forged steel, rigid main arm and telescoping secondary arm adequate for the frame reveal of the openings.]

**CloserPlus® Arm
Door closers shall have a field reversible door stop. Door closer shall have a feature with selectable on and off ball and detent hold open. Hold open tension shall be adjustable effective at one point selected at installation, from 85° – 110° in five degree increments. [Hold open mechanism shall have engage/disengage selection actuated by thumbturn]. Closers shall be provided for parallel arm
installation using a forged rigid steel main arm and secondary arm.

**CloserPlus Spring™ Arm
Door closers shall have built-in door stop [and holder] effective at one point selected at installation, from 85° – 110° in five-degree increments. Door stop mechanism shall be reversible and have a buffer spring that engages prior to the dead stop feature, reducing shock loads to the door and frame assembly. Door stop mechanism shall be non-handed and attached to soffit plate. [Hold open
mechanism shall have engage/disengage selection actuated by thumbturn]. Closers shall be provided for parallel installation using a forged rigid steel main arm and secondary arm.

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