Sargent Rim, Surface vertical rod, concealed vertical rod, Electric latch retraction, and Mortise exit devices in stock ready to ship. wants to make the process of choosing a Sargent panic devices/exit devices easier. So lets dive into the different types of commercial exit devices.

Rim Devices, Surface Vertical Rods, Concealed Vertical Rods, Mortise Exits, and Electric Latch Retraction Panic Bars: What are these and what do they do?

Rim Exit Devices

Sargent-rim-exit-deviceA Rim Exit Device like the Sargent 8800 can be used in high traffic areas, either a single or double door using a mullion in the middle. Rim Devices come with surface strikes, are easy to install, and provides the highest security.

Surface Vertical Rod and Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices

 Sargent Surface Vertical Rod and Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Devices Sargent Surface Vertical Rod and Concealed Vertical Rod Exit DevicesSurface Vertical Rods like the 8700 Series and Concealed Vertical Rods like the 8400 or 8600 series are used in pair doors only. In both applications, the strike latches into the head of the frame via a surface mounted or recessed strike. Surface Rods are surfaced visibly on the door, while the concealed are aesthetically placed in the door so you do not see the rod.  If maintenance and having access to the rods are of concern, we recommend the Surface Vertical Rod. However, if aesthetics is your top priority, go with the Concealed Vertical Rod.

Mortise Panic Devices

sargent-mortise-exitMortise Panic Devices like the Sargent 8300 and 8900 series are best suited for high traffic situations. They are offered in several functions that you cannot get from a Rim Exit, Surface Vertical Rod, and/or Concealed Vertical Rod Exit Device. Mortise Panics are used at single door openings and are a good option when security, reliability, and high traffic is of concern.

Electric Latch Retraction Panic Bars

Featuring a rugged construction designed for functioning reliability, Sargent Electrified Panic Bars are used in a plurality of use cases such as Schools, Hospitals, Gov facilities, and other Institutional high traffic facilities. With quiet operation and solid security, Sargent electrified panics can be ordered for Rim exits 8500 and 8800 series, 8700 surface vertical rods series, 8300 and 8900 Mortise Panic Devices, and the Concealed Vertical Rod Devices 8400 and 8600 series. Electric Latch Retraction Devices can be integrated and combined with auto operators, power supplies, door loops, keypads, card swipes, and many other access control configurations to meet all of your building needs while adhering to the latest Ul fire codes and Industry standards.

All Sargent 80 Exit Devices are ideal for environments that require strong and durable security solutions. They exceed ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 requirements for cycle and strength and support unique applications. is the trusted source for all of your Sargent Door Hardware needs. We have a large inventory of Sargent Panic/Exits Devices that ship within 24 hrs to one week of order placement.

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Sargent Cylindrical Bored Locks come in many functions, handle styles, finishes, and series. stocks and supplies the Sargent 10 Line, 7 Line, and 6500 line. So why choose one cylindrical lock over another?

Whether you are a high traffic facility, Government Institution, Hospital, or an office of ten people with little traffic, Grade 1 and Grade 2 are the systems used to help you determine what is best for your facility. Through stringent testing, cycles per use is the amount of times and pressure used to test a lock to grade its strength and performance.

Below is a list of the 11 line, 10 line, and 6500 line cylindrical locks. The 10 and 11 lines are the highest Grade 1 tested lock, while the 6500 line is for a grade 2 application with less traffic. The biggest difference between the 10 and 11 line is the number of functions available for the 10 lines (fewer) and the 11 line which comes available in over 18 functions which some of which are field changeable. The 10 line lock is available in over 21 functions but its functions are not fielded reversible or interchangeable. See below for more information and links to our website for pricing and availability.

Sargent 10 Line

sargent-10-lineEnduring more than 1.5 times the industry standard of abusive force, the 10 Line lock is a heavy-duty key-in-lever handle lockset that also exceeds the ANSI/BHMA 156.2 Series 4000 Grade 1 standards by nine times, at over 9 million cycles. And in addition to preventing unwanted entry, the 10 Line is designed to conform to national and state fire and handicapped requirements.


  • Installs in one minute or less
  • Adapts to fit multiple thru-bolt positions
  • Customizable with a variety of lever styles, finishes, and functions


  • Efficient Installation: Pre-assembled components make installation quick and easy
  • Flexible: accommodates retrofit applications and a variety of door preparations
  • Customizable: offered with a variety of lever styles, roses and finishes

Sargent 11 Line

sargent-11-lineProviding unequaled strength and durability, the 11 Line lock is the ever-reliable lock of choice in demanding environments like schools or healthcare facilities. Its unique T-Zone® construction with true interlocking between the lock body and latch easily exceeds ANSI/BHMA Grade 1 requirements for torque and cycle testing—ensuring optimal operation even in abusive applications.


  • 18 available functions, with many functions being field changeable
  • Integrates into most existing key systems
  • Fits standard 161 door prep and is non-handed
  • 10-year limited warranty


  • Reliable: no through bolts or surface screws to be installed. T-Zone construction prevents the lock from twisting
  • Flexible: utilizes one lock body for multiple functions, simplifying facility maintenance
  • Secure: torque-resistant construction enables lock to withstand tough environments

Sargent 6500 Line

sargent 6500 line

Designed for increased usability, the 6500 Line standard duty key-in-lever lock exceeds ANSI/BHMA Grade 2 standards. It installs easily and is available in eight functions and six different finishes to match existing facility aesthetics. Est. 1988 is Veteran Owned and Operated and holds two GSA Contracts via Schedules 56 and 84. “Commercial Door Hardware, When You Need It,” is our slogan as we have a large inventory and ship quickly to help you get the job done.

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What type of electric strike does your access control project need?

Electric strikes can be installed in a wide range of swinging door applications. Consider these factors to help determine the right electric strike for your project.

hes-electric-strikes1. Assess the type of frame and health of the opening

a. Material: hollow metal, aluminum or wood? *Adams Rite offers electric strikes for aluminum, hollow metal or wood doors. Please see the Adams Rite catalog to order the compatible model for your door application.

b. Type: hollow or concrete-filled? Concrete-filled may require additional tools. Consider using no-cut electric strikes.

c. Health of door and frame: can frame or door irregularities be fixed prior to electric strike installation?

2. Determine if door assembly has special requirements

• Fire-rated Assembly (NFPA 80 Fire Doors)

• Windstorm Resistant (tested to sustain winds up to 150 mph)

• Outdoor Rated (UL 1034) • Preload Capable

3. Identify and test existing door hardware

• Existing locking hardware determines the compatible electric strike and overall function of the opening

Most Common Accessories

HESCUT-MTK  HESCUT-MTK Metal Template Kit for       installing cut-in HES electric strikes For   installing the 1006, 1500, 1600, 5000, 5200,   7000 and 7501 electric strikes

9000 MTK9000 MTK

9000 MTK Metal Template Kit for installing HES surface mounted electric strikes For installing the 9400, 9500, 9600 and 9700 electric strikes.


2005M3 Smart Pac® III2005M3 Smart Pac® III Reduces initial voltage in timed or fail safe operations by 25% to extend the life of the electric strike. Addition of Smart Pac to any HES electric strike extends the 5-year no-fault warranty to a 10-year no-fault warrant

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