Pemko Continuous Hinges Are One of the Best in the Door Hardware Industry

Original image by Jeff Levine - "Half Surface Mount Double Door Continuous Hinges"

Quality Door & Hardware stocks an immense variety of Pemko products. Pemko Continuous Hinges maintain uniform strain throughout the door instead of 70% of the stress being on the top hinge. Quality Door & Hardware distributes Pemko Continuous Hinges in the standard lengths: 95”, 85”, and 83”. Quality Door & Hardware offers Pemko Continuous Hinges in a variety of full surface, half surface, full mortise, half mortise, short leaf and hospital tip applications. Quality Door & Hardware offers Pemko Continuous Hinges in the standard finishes of clear mill finished aluminum and dark bronze anodized aluminum. Quality Door & Hardware recommend these continuous hinges for retail, hospitals, industrial environments, institutions, mixed-purpose facilities and other commercial buildings. No matter the application, Quality Door & Hardware will have the specific continuous hinges that you need.

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