Quality Door and Hardware Selects the Norton 8501 Surface Door Closer as its First Featured Product for September 2013

Quality Door & Hardware has selected the Norton 8501 Door Closer, from the Norton 8000 Series of Door Closers as a featured product on its e-commerce site for September 2013.
Norton 8501

The Norton 8000 Series of Door Closers offers the ideal combination of appearance, reliability and durability. With features such as staked valves, precise valve adjustments and a complete range of arm and cover options, the Norton’s 8000 series of door closers can meet virtually any challenge that may be encountered with specialized door applications. Specifically, the Norton 8501 Door Closer model exemplifies its versatility with standard Tri-style packaging; including a regular arm, top jamb, and parallel arm mounting. Additionally, the Norton 8501 door closer also offers architectural plastic or architectural metal covers.

Norton 8501 is rather easy to install and very reliable. The Norton 8501 is constructed of cast aluminum and is included with a slim line aluminum alloy shell. The Norton 8501 can be used for both indoor and outdoor installations and can be mounted using its Regular arm, Top Jamb and or Parallel Arm mounting. The Norton 8501 Door Closer is also offered in a range of different arm sizes from 2 to 6, and comes with an adjustable sweep speed and latch speed, and an independent regulating set of valves. Unique among all its key features is that the unit is non-handed, which eliminates the possibility of error in ordering the wrong handing for the required application.

Learn more about the Norton 8501 Door Closer or Norton 8000 series of door closers and other fine quality commercial door hardware products by visiting Quality Door & Hardware at: http://www.QualityDoor.com. The Norton 8500 Series of Door Closers are available at everyday competitive prices and always backed by Quality Door & Hardware’s unparalleled customer service. Come experience for yourself “the difference that ‘Quality’ can make in your business.”

Rixson Pivots and Closers

Door closers help reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating. Installing a closer on an exterior door ensures that heating and air conditioning costs don’t rise as the number of people entering and exiting increases. Closers also work to block dirt, leaves and other debris from entering through your door, saving money on maintenance.

You’ll need to consider a few things to ensure you’re purchasing the right grade and style of closer, while staying within your budget. Most important, select the right pivot and closer for your door to prevent them from needing to overwork – which eventually leads to damage.

Also consider aesthetics. The ability to hide the pivots and closer is a big plus with the Rixson concealed overhead closer with a center hung pivot.Rixson Floor closer The Rixson floor closer is another option. These are recommended for medium traffic doors; and they have a great look.  While this may not be the only consideration it is often an important one for many people.

Learning more about the different options is going to help you make the right choice with your Rixson closer and pivot. Of course you’ll uncover that there are many manufacturers that you have to choose from, but Rixson is among of the best.

Norton Closers

Door Closers are labeled as to how much traffic they are designed to endure before needing replacement. This allows you the opportunity to adjust the power of the unit. This is also known as torque. When you increase the amount of power to control the door, it allows one to control the door with reduced speed.

Norton 8500 Series Closer
Norton 8500 Series Closer

Quality Door and Hardware carries Norton Door Closers. Door Closers by Norton allow you to choose the specification needed to manage the traffic of the door. Before installation, a point to consider is the amount of traffic expected.  Grade 1 closers are designed to endure high traffic areas and are typically used for main entrances of most businesses. These closers are generally used between 300-400 times a day and can last for three to seven years before replacement. Grade 2 closers are designed for medium traffic in a commercial application. These types of closers need a minimum of two valves to control the speed of the door. The first valve controls is called the sweep. When adjusting a closer, the ideal target time needed for the door to close is about six seconds.  For exterior applications we recommend a closer with a back-check feature.

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