Rixson Pivots and Closers

Door closers help reduce the cost of air conditioning and heating. Installing a closer on an exterior door ensures that heating and air conditioning costs don’t rise as the number of people entering and exiting increases. Closers also work to block dirt, leaves and other debris from entering through your door, saving money on maintenance.

You’ll need to consider a few things to ensure you’re purchasing the right grade and style of closer, while staying within your budget. Most important, select the right pivot and closer for your door to prevent them from needing to overwork – which eventually leads to damage.

Also consider aesthetics. The ability to hide the pivots and closer is a big plus with the Rixson concealed overhead closer with a center hung pivot.Rixson Floor closer The Rixson floor closer is another option. These are recommended for medium traffic doors; and they have a great look.  While this may not be the only consideration it is often an important one for many people.

Learning more about the different options is going to help you make the right choice with your Rixson closer and pivot. Of course you’ll uncover that there are many manufacturers that you have to choose from, but Rixson is among of the best.