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commercial-door-hardware stocks and ships same day Commerical door hardware Sargent 8815, 8804, 8810, 8813 Rim exit/panic devices. Sargent panics are Designed for standard width stile applications on wood and metal doors, the Sargent Locks 8800 Series features a rim bolt that combines quiet operation with solid security. This commercial door hardware is ideal for schools, offices, and hospitals—for both single door and double door applications with mullions.

Designed for standard width stile applications on wood and metal doors

• Also available as an HC8800 or WS8800 for hurricane-resistant applications, see Hurricane-Resistant section of this catalog

• Single point rim latching device

• Single door & double door applications with mullions • Quiet operation and solid security

• ANSI/BHMA A156.3 – Grade 1

• UL10C (Fire) and UL305 (Panic) Listed is a Veteran owned and operated Commercial door hardware supplier Est. 1988. has 2 Gsa contracts on schedules 56 and 84. Call 800.992.3667 or email for customer service, support.  Commercial door hardware when you need it, to get your job done.

The SARGENT 8200 Series commercial mortise locks are available on WWW.QUALITYDOOR.COM and have options for Bhl, Alp, and BHW ligature resistant handles. has a large inventory of Sargent commerical door hardwarew. One of’s bestsellers is the SARGENT 8200 Series Mortise Locks. We recommend the SARGENT 8200 Series ligature resistant mortise locks to any mental healthcare facility, hospitals, medical offices as well as other health facilities where self-harm is a critical issue. The SARGENT 8200 Series comes in 3 types of ligature resistant trim: ALP, BHW, and BHL.

SARGENT 8200 Series with ALP trim provides a heavy duty, durable, long lasting and aesthetically pleasing lock. Appropriate for behavioral healthcare settings and sleek enough for healing environments, this trim offers multiple mounting options and easy operation, even when your hands aren’t free. A great ligature reistant option for your healthcare facility.

SARGENT 8200 Series with BHW trimcombines its sleek aesthetic with safety due to its integrated lever. Ease of operation, along with the strength and versatility of the 8200 Series mortise lock allows its use in many applications with a ligature resitant trim.

SARGENT 8200 Series with BHL trim is applicable in any healthcare environment due to its array of functions. The sloping surfaces with overlapping rose and lever addresses many safety concerns common in all types of healthcare facilities. The Sargent 8200 Series BHL Trim Lock provides the strength, durability, versatility and reliability needed in tough healthcare environments. A great ligature resistant option for your healthcare facility. is Veteran owned and operatored and holds two Gsa contracts on schedules 56 & 84. For customer service call us at 800.992.3667 or email

“ Commercial Door Hardware when you need it.”

Sargent 8800,8810,8804 series Exit Devices are the top panic devices in the commercial door hardware industry. visit

Sargent 8800 series Rim Exit Devices are one of the best exit devices/ panic devices in the commercial door hardware industry, that provide a unique combination of strength, aesthetics, innovation and durability. We highly recommend Sargent 8800 series Exit Devices to offices, schools, institutions, hospitals with single exterior doors and pair of doors with removable mullion. Sargent 8800 series Exit Devices are designed for standard width stile applications on wood and metal doors. The Sargent 8800 series Exit Devices provide a sleek, simple and obvious look to exit doors. The 8810, 8813, 8815, 8804 Sargent Grade 1 Exit devices are the leading commerical door panics in the commerical door and hardware industry.

Sargent 8800 Exit Devices contain a variety of functions and are available in finishes such as stainless steel, oxidized dull bronze, polished brass and more. The lengths of the rail vary from F, doors with 33” to 36” width, to G, doors with 43” to 46” width. Sargent 8800 Rim Exit Devices also come in fire rated applications.

For more specifications and pricing of the Sargent 8800 series Exit Devices, please go to our website, email or contact our Hardware Experts at 1-800-992-3667. is a veteran owned, Gsa contracted on schedules 84 and 56. for inquiries.

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