The Corbin Russwin CL3500 Series Is Perfect for Any Door

Quality Door & Hardware distributes an array of the highest quality Corbin Russwin products. One of the more popular Corbin Russwin products is the CL3500 Lock Series. With ANSI Grade 1 certification, Quality Door & Hardware recommends this lockset for commercial, institutional and multi-family applications such as: interior offices, apartment complexes, elderly care facilities, hotels, restaurants and retail centers. Quality Door & Hardware stocks CL3500 Lock Series in all standard architectural finishes, including the timeless Satin Stainless Steel (US26D), and in Newport or Armstrong trims. These locksets ensure security while being able to withstand high traffic in an industrial or commercial environment.

For more specifications and pricing on the Corbin Russwin CL3500 Lock Series, please go to or contact our Hardware Experts at 1-800-992-3667

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