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Norton 8501 Door Closer, with Full Cover, Regular Arm, Top Jamb, and Parallel Arm - Multi-Size 1 thru 6

Norton Door Controls 8501 . Door Closer. Surface Applied Door Closers, Manufacturing Door Closers Since 1880 Mr Lewis C Norton

 8501 Door Closers have a Aluminum Alloy Housing Closer bodies are constructed of a special aluminum alloy, carefully selected to accommodate interactive steel components and operating conditions. Rack & Pinion Operation Provides a smooth constant control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle. 180° door swing can be achieved when door, frame, hardware and arm function do not interfere

8501 comes with screws, brackets and soffit plates to allow for regular, top jamb, and parallel arm installations. Adjustable Backcheck Valve Provides control of the door in the opening cycle, beginning at approximately 75° of door opening. It cushions the door opening when the door is forcibly opened beyond its pre-adjusted limits. Standard Molded Covers Molded of high-impact U.L. listed material. These covers are non-handed for all applications.

Norton 8501 Multi-Sized Door Closer Adjustable through the power range of sizes 1 through 6; as outlined in ANSI/ BHMA specification A156.4 option PT 4H. Closers will also comply with the opening force requirements as outlined in the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and ANSI/BHMA standard A117.1 for interior doors.

Features Norton 8501 Door Closers, Surface Mounted Institutional, Door Closers, Tri Pack PA, Reg Or Top Jamb Mounted 

Tri-Style® packaging standard (regular arm, top jamb and parallel arm mounting)

  • Staked valves
  • Standard, separate and independent, latch, sweep and backcheck intensity valves
  • All standard arm applications (with slim, full or metal covers) allow doors to swing 180 degrees, conditions permitting
  • Shipped with full plastic cover
  • Full size template
  • Non-Hold Open

Regular Arm Mounted :This is the only pull-side application where a double lever arm is used. It is the most power-efficient application for a door closer. Sufficient frame, door and/or ceiling clearance must be considered.

Top Jamb Mounted :For efficiency reasons this application provides the best alternative to the regular arm application. There must be sufficient frame face and/or ceiling clearance for this application. It requires a top rail on the door of just 2-1/4" (57mm). This application provides the best door control for doors in exterior walls that swing out of a building.

Parallel Arm: This application provides the most appealing design appearance for a surface-mounted door closer having a double lever arm. This also makes it beneficial in vandalism-prone areas. It is on the push side of the door and the arm assembly extends almost parallel to the door. In the closed position, there is very little or no hardware projecting beyond the frame face in most situations.

Norton 8501 door closers are non-handed and can be installed on either right- or left-hand swing doors. Pinion shaft extends vertically through the closer body in both directions. Some options, as noted on pages 6-7, will require that the hand of the closer be specified. Sweep Speed Control Valve Allows adjustment of door speed from the door's full open position down to approximately 10° from the closed position. Latch Speed Control Valve Allows adjustment of door speed from approximately 10° down to the door’s fully closed position.

Closer Fluid NorGlide® closer fluid is a specially formulated multi-viscosity hydraulic fluid that contains lubricity and anti-oxidation agents that provide optimum performance and efficiency. This fluid complements the interaction of the door closer's aluminum housing with its steel and brass components, while maintaining stable viscosity to allow the door closer to perform in temperatures ranging from extremely high to as low as -40° F.

Specifications Norton Door Controls, Door Closers 8501, Commercial Door Hardware, Grade 1 Door Closers.

Dimensions: 1-1/4" (32mm) diameter piston
5/8" (16mm) diameter pinion journals
2-1/8" (54mm) projection (standard covers)
Handing: Non-Handed
Material: Cast aluminum body
Power Spring Size: Adjustable spring sizes 1 through 6
Optional Features: - Metal, architectural plastic or architectural metal covers
- Lead lined metal cover - suffix MLL
- Delayed action
- Heavy-duty arms; Regular Rigid, Parallel Rigid, CloserPlus®, CloserPlus Spring™, Unitrol®
- Slide Tracks: push or pull side mounting
Warranty: 10-year limited
Manufacturer: Norton


Warranty Limited 25-year warranty for defects and life of the building on the aluminum housing.

ANSI/BHMA: A156.4, Grade 1 certified
UL: UL10C compliant for positive pressure
ADA: ADA Compliant
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