Securitron M62B Magnalock with BondSTAT - Magnetic Bond Sensor

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Securitron M62B is a MagnaLock® Security and Life Safety MagnaLock® with BondSTAT Magnetic Bond Sensor.

The Securitron M62B Magnalock has a 1200 lbs. holding force Magnalock with automatic dual voltage. Recommended for exterior and perimeter doors through which criminals could gain entrance to cause substantial economic loss.

The M62B is a strong, easy-to-maintain solution for interior, perimeter and exterior access control. With unsurpassed durability, the M62B will last long after most buildings wear out. Flexible mounting options support applications for hollow metal, concrete filled metal, wood, or glass with aluminum frames, and Herculite doors.

BondSTAT, the next generation of electromagnetic lock monitoring technology from Securitron. Unlike typical door position switches that indicate whether or not a door is closed, BondSTAT also notifies your access control or alarm system that the door is accurately secured. BondSTAT"s magnetic field monitors the entire surface of the armature, not just the center or corner. Any variation in the armature's position beyond established installation parameters will initiate a signal indicating the Magnalock is not generating full holding potential. BondSTAT delivers superior Magnalock monitoring capability for unparalleled security and peace of mind.

Securitron M62B Magnalock Features:

  • Patented instant release circuit - no residual magnetism
  • Fully sealed electronics - tamper proof and weatherproof
  • Surface mounts easily with minimal tools
  • BondSTAT magnetic bond sensor
  • Mounted using steel machine screws into blind finishing nuts
  • Architectural brushed stainless steel finish (US32D/630)
  • All ferrous metal surfaces plated to MIL specification
  • Hardware accessories available to configure any opening
  • Dress Covers available
  • Ten feet [3.05m] of jacketed, stranded conductor
  • Automatic dual voltage - no field adjustment required
  • Universal threaded conduit fitting is 1/2" female - 3/4" male
  • Split Strike Plates and Offset Strike Plates available
  • UL Listed

Securitron M62B Magnalock Specifications:

Holding Force: 1200 lbs. [544 kg]
Current Draw and Voltage: 250mA at 12VDC; 150mA at 24VDC
Operating Temperature: -40 to +140F [-40 to +60C]
Door Type: Single Door
Mounting Type: Surface
Warranty: MagnaCare Lifetime Replacement Warranty

Securitron M62B Magnalock Certifications:

Fire Rated:

UL 10C Listed

Manufacturer Spec

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