Our Services

In addition to supplying organizations with the quality commercial door hardware, QDH offers these services:



After assignment of a successful bid, but before implementation of project management, comes the crucial task of preparing your project submittals and approvals. If required and at reasonable fees, our experienced engineers are uniquely qualified to prepare detailed architectural hardware schedules, hollow metal or wood door and frame shop drawings, FRP shop drawings, etc. Our engineering division will ensure that all specified products meet applicable fire safety codes, life-safety codes and ADA codes. Our engineers will work to guarantee that there are no conflicts with any of your materials’ applications.

Custom Hollow Metal Doors
Custom Door Frames

Consulting/Specification Writing:

At QDH we are particularly qualified to work directly with architects, designers and owners to assist in the early stages of project planning relating to architectural doors, frames and finished hardware. Our hardware consultants are well versed in handicap codes, fire codes and life safety codes and will offer advice on new designs and functions.

Door Frames
Custom Wood Doors

Project Estimation:

QDH employs experienced project estimators to assist you by providing budget pricing and strict qualified bids on a wide range of products to meet all of your Division 8 project needs. QDH will supply accurate and efficient estimates for any size project; together with budget analysis, allowances and value-engineering recommendations. Please feel free to contact our Sales Department to be placed on our bid calendar.

Hollow Metal Door
Door Lite

Project Management:

At QDH, we consider ourselves an integral part of our customer’s project management team. As such, we work closely with our customers and installers to coordinate deliveries, addendums and to anticipate any contingencies, which may arise in the ever changing construction schedule. Communicating by telephone conference calls, e-mails and texts, QDH is able to troubleshoot specific issues in the field and offer our technical expertise to assist in effective solutions.

Field Survey & Technical Expertise:

If required, QDH is qualified to provide effective technical solutions for any openings that are in need of repair or modification; or that are currently not in compliance with building and safety codes. Our professional staff stands ready to provide you with job specific options and recommendations. QDH is available to perform on-site field surveys in order to ensure the absolute functionality of all of our job specific recommendations.

Non-Contract Sales:

In addition to our expansive Contract Sales Department, QDH also maintains a Non-Contract Sales Department, specifically designed to service its after-market clients, such as end-users, schools, hospitals, office buildings, and government institutions, which may require any replacement hardware, including but not limited to, hinges, locksets, panic devices, pivots, closers etc.

Keying – In-House Locksmithing Services:

QDH has experienced locksmiths on staff that can assist you with expanding your existing keying systems, establishing a new keying systems and preparing a key schedule. Look to QDH for these and all of your locksmithing needs.

Quality Control:

At QDH, "quality" is not only our first name, it represents our commitment to each and every customer. QDH has worked hard at implementing an effective in-house quality control system. We believe our quality control system is what separates us from the competition and provides our clients with great customer service. Each and every order at QDH is subjected to an extensive series of checks and reviews in order to ensure that your order is correct before it ever leaves our premises.

Delivery Coordination:

Whether by ground, air or sea, the Shipping Department at QDH is on the job to properly coordinate all of your shipping and delivery needs. At QDH, we are committed to "quality" service from start to finish.