Stanley Precision CL2025 Touchless Plate, Stanley Auto Door Operator

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Precision Hardware/Stanley D-4990 Series Touchless Plates

Stanley Precision CL2025 Touchless Plate
Manufactured by BEA

Stanley Security Solutions is pleased to offer its latest product line designed to maximize public door accessibility for Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) Title III applications. The D-4990 Low Energy Operator offers Stanley's newest and most convenient features to gain safe access for ADA applications. ADA is a civil rights law that is intended to guarantee equality for those who are physically handicapped or disabled. There are four major sections of the bill and they are intended to prohibit discrimination in Employment, Public Service, Public Accommodations, and Telecommunications. Stanley Security Solutions' focus is on Title III (Public Accommodations). Title III is not a product specification or a building code, but a directive to ensure equality in accessibility within public buildings. Such things as door opening size, door opening force requirements, door closing time, degree of door opening, and door and lock handle designs must all be addressed to satisfy the ADA guidelines

Features Stanley Precision CL2025 Touchless Plate

  • ADA Compliant Automatic Operator Accessories
  • Precision Touchless plate includes single and double gang face plates
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